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Tang Soo Do / Kickboxing

Tang Soo Do

This martial art styles roots are from China. When this art first reached Korea it was a complete martial art style with Shaolin and Chinese boxing principles intact. This system is broken down into 3 major branches.

• Tae Kwon Do - hand and foot movements
• Hapkido - hand foot and self-defense maneuvers (60 foot /40 hands)
• Hwang A Do - hand foot and grappling maneuvers


The aerobic kickboxing program here at the center has the dynamic kicks of Tang Soo Do and the Shaolin Kenpo hand maneuvers also known as Chinese Boxing. The kick boxing program has simple routines to keep all levels of physical fitness challenged.

 The core elements of this program is

  • Build Endurance and Strength.
  • Make your body more flexible.
  • Relieve Stress, Tension, and low Self Esteem.
  • Develop a cardio to regulate breathing.

The workout has 3 main parts with a specific strategy for optimum results.   

  • Warm up the body with low impact kick and punch routines.
  • Dynamic core resistance exercises.
  • High impact intensity aerobic  coupled with kick and punch routines to elevate the heart rate

The 45 min workout is completed with a cool down period consisting of Chi Kung and Yoga exercise routines. These exercises brings the heart rate back to a normal rate.  

The benefits of this kickboxing workout with others has been

  • Losing weight
  • Reducing Blood pressure
  • Controlling your Diabetes
  • Develop coordination
  • Body tone
  • Improve concentration and focus
  • Developing discipline
  • Feeling better about themselves
  • This program has stand alone heavy bags in part of the sessions. There is no contact or sparring involved in this class.  You will be developing kick and punch routines. Which could be used as a self-defense when coupled with one of our other martial arts classes.