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Chen Style Tai Chi is over 500 years old and is still taught here in its original form. There are three other variations of this type of Tai Chi, which go by the name of Patuay, Cannon Fist and the New Style. This style consists of 64 forms hich are broken down and taught in 13 sections. Better known as 13 Postures.

Chen Style is the original and first Tai Chi form developed. Its purpose being to combine certain self defense as well as Chi Kung and physical movements to bring the Yin and Yang principles into harmony with the static meditation of aerobic movement. Its origin comes from the Chen village, which is located in the Hunan Providence of China. A lot of its incluence in this form came from the Shaolin Monastery located in the same providence. Other types and styles of Tai Chi derived from this style. The reason for the different names and attitudes in these forms is for the purpose of developing Chi in more than one method.