Symptoms of autism are characterized by difficulty associating with others, lack of communication, repetitive behaviors, and sensitivity to touch. While normally diagnosed as an infant, there really is no age limit to when the disease is finally identified in a person.

Autism has a wide range of impact, with mild cases only showing slight signs of the disease to the more severe which impact the patient’s ability to function in society. This makes living with autism very personal and specific to the patient in question. For some, Martial Arts have been a means to learning how to cope with the symptoms of autism.

Martial Arts are very helpful to those living with Autism if managed well and under correct program. Our program provides the opportunities to develop motor skills, concentration, and confidence. In addition, the training room setting with other students provides a means to practice socialization skills. All of these are important to helping to learn to cope with the symptoms of autism.

.Martial Arts provides exercise focusing on body movement, which allows the autistic to become more aware of themselves. The routine that classes are run under, provide a level of comfort to those living with autism while still introducing them to variability and accepting slow changes. Repetition, which is one of the cornerstones to how we train at this center, builds a level of assurance.

This center provides private, semi private and group lessons to accommodate the diagnose and needs of the child.

The center has many successful children and young adults within the spectrum. Some have made the black belt level and are now assisting or teaching some of the classes they have attended in the past. The percentage of autistic behavior attendance has risen to 30 % of the student body.

My experience in this area comes from my last 20 years interacting with children diagnosed with autistic behaviors enrolled in my center. I have a relative who is on the autism spectrum and I have been his home care provider for the last 10 years.

Another key to success with autism is understanding that every person has uniqueness to themselves and the martial arts program at this center is unique to their needs. The system does not have to be modified and is taught to all in the same format. The exciting part of this strategy is watching the participant acclimate to the training and through their own desire and effort succeed with their goals