Shaolin    /   Jui-Jitsu    /   Chin Na    /   Kajukenbo    /   Tang Soo Do    /   Budo    /   
Kenpo/Kempo    /   Hsing-1    /   Karate     /   Tai Chi     /   Iaido

The gentle art of Japan, a name that can be misinterpreted until one trains in this hands on self defense system. This system was developed to allow a smaller person in size to equal an adversary of larger frame and strength. This art was primarily developed by the samurai for in close quarter combat when a sword could not be wielded or if a samurai was weaponless. This style broke down to 6 categories and 4 major styles. aikido, judo (Japanese), chin na (Chinese) and hapkido, hawrang a do (Korean).

• Striking Techniques of the Hand and Foot
• Grappling/Throwing techniques
• Joint Manipulation
• Choking and Controlling Techniques
• Ground Techniques (dog fighting)
• Pressure Point Manipulation