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Member of Chinese Kenpo Association
Chinese Kenpo Association was founded by Grandmaster Kevin Bliss, Master Alan Young, Master Andre Bergeron and Master Tom Smith. The association’s mission statement is to combine the resources and expertise of all centers associated with CKA and provides our members the best martial arts training & Education available. The Martial Arts Styles page will give you a good insight into what this organization provide to all members of this association.

21st Century Certified Martial Arts Education Center
Our curriculum empowers the student and educates the communities with disciplines from the Chinese, Japanese and Korean styles of Martial Arts. We have over 40 years of experience. 
How is the curriculum broken down with such a diversified student body?

  • Focus here is placed on the individual not just a large group mentality, we all do not learn and develop physically and emotionally on the same approach.
  • Groups are kept to a manageable size to give the instructor an opportunity to educate and assist the student in developing a skill not just a learned physical movement.
  • Educate and empower the adult or child by placing the individual in a session which is age and skill appropriate.
  •  Train the student developing balance, coordination, strength and flexibility
  • Encourage emotionally to bring out the confidence and self-esteem all student will develop.
  • The common core martial art system is the first step in developing a great martial artist. During your first month here the master observes and will assess every child and adults.
  • A goal driven curriculum that’s tailored to the individual’s needs and physical attributes.
  • Combined with 40 years of experience, this center has developed a martial arts system that accommodates all types of behaviors in ADD, ADHD & Asperger’s.

The center mission statement is to teach and show through example the five pillars of Discipline
Effort, Etiquette, Sincerity, Self- Control & Character

The development of strong minds and bodies, creating a skill formidable to ward off all physical and emotional encounters. We are a full time Martial Arts training facility.
Our mission at this facility is to provide our members with the best training available. The educators at the facility are a diversified group of black belt instructors. All of the adult instructors are professionals in the surrounding communities.

The martial arts programs at our centers specialize in developing strong characteristics
& mental awareness to bring you successful results in: