2017 summer sessions enrollment 

Contact us @ kb7385@aol.com or call 978 840-3201

Special offers this month are:

Women Self Defense 8 Week Course 



Children Martial Arts Summer Sessions

For the children we offer a spectacular martial arts self defense curriculum and workout sessions. allow us to train then in focusing and getting their bodies in great shape.

We offer weekly full day Summer sessions

Morning and Evening classes 

Schedule your free class with us today.


Adult Men & Women Martial Arts  

Adult Martial Arts session to develop confidence, a stong mind and body. a supple conditioned body and self defense techniques to help empower your daily life style.

Quality, Eperience and Skill Development is Guaranteed  



Tai Chi Sessions

Come get involved in a high motivated 8 week course on developing a supple mind and body combination through the gentile movements of Tai Chi. this is a beginners level session. call now to reserve a spot on the mat. 



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