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We are Chinese Kempo Association and have been organized since 1970. We have locations in the states of Massachusetts and Connecticut. The principle board members are Kevin Bliss, Alan Young and Tom Smith. Both Kevin Bliss and Alan Young are Grandmasters and have over 45 years experience in Martial Arts. Tom Smith is a master level Board member with over 25 years’ experience. 

Chinese Kempo Association are the founders of Chil Sung Quan fighting style of Chinese Kempo Karate. The principle martial arts styles which have allowed the culmination of this style of martial arts styles.

The objective and mission of CKA is to bring the many martial arts systems to the public forum. Educate the public on the aspects of a martial arts systems that is structured to all ages. Martial arts is a way of life and a life time journey. Every part of your life has a certain key element of martial arts molding your character.

A well-structured martial art system such as this one will have no limitations but endless opportunities and growth. CKA train our instructors and students not just the physical attributes of martial arts but also the mind. We educate the mind to grasp and explore the endless concepts of potential opportunities and developing an open mind to new approaches in martial arts training.

We introduce the young mind to concentration, focus, three and four step movements. Develop coordination, train their attention span, and introduce them to social interaction and direction.

The older children we add on confidence self-esteem, community martial arts demonstrations sensory training and discipline.

The teen to adults we add on competitive etiquette, strength training, develop a strong mind and participation in community events such as martial arts demonstration, instructing others in martial arts. Developing a purpose and sense of belonging to a growth orientated organization.

A principle part of CKA philosophy is to introduce all aspects of martial arts to his student body, to allow the student to see the yin and yang principles. Experience the physical challenges (kick, punch, block, push up, pull up, sit up, run, grapple, fall, evade,) mental challenges (yes I can attitude) bullies, (confidence) self esteem, (overcome fear) learning disabilities (anger)