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Iaido was developed from the martial art known as kenjutsu, and is the Japanese expression of mushin (empty mind). A classic story of Iaido is written

in a book called "The Book of The Five Rings". A basic concept of this art is to strike down your opponent with one stroke of the sword (live blade) when discovering his spirit of intention of attack. To achieve this level of action, a specific system of movements were developed to be able to counter any specific type of attack. Practicing this refined art requires a calm spirit, empty mind, the concentration to bore a hole into stone, and the suppleness of a bamboo reed. Iaido is traditionally practiced from a sitting or kneeling position to a standing position when one has acquired a proficiency of drawing the live blade

Kendo is the art you practice standing striking an opponent with a shinai (bamboo sword). This art is a safer way of perfecting your strategic combination movements.