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Kajukenbo is an eclectic martial art with the hybrid combination of 5 different martial arts. This martial art system was founded by a Kenpo master named Adrian Emperado. Master Emperado's martial arts training came from the great Professor Thunderbolt Kwai Sun Chow. Kajukenbo breaks down to being 50% Kenpo/Kempo. The reason for this is that master Emperado wanted to take his knowledge and expertise and enhance it with a more all around fighting persona. Master Emperado was introduced to other fighters some even came to train with him because of his reputation.

The five involved in this evolution are
• Peter Y.Y. Choo jr. (KA) Tang Soo Do Karate
• Joseph Holk (JU) Japanese Judo/Danzan Ryu Jiu-Jitsu
• Frank Odonez (JU) Se Keino Jiu-Jitsu
• Adriano Emperado (KEN) Shaolin Kenpo/Kempo Karate
• Clarence Chang (BO) Chinese Boxing, Hsing I, Pakua, Chaun Fa
• This martial art combination took around 2 years to develop a system that was very raw and untested. the 5 men would go out in the Palamas territory to test out each technique created.

This was the only way to find out its effectiveness in a fighting scenario. When it was proven this technique was added to the system. Unfortunately not all techniques were effected as expected, Master Emperado lost a brother in a fight when he was stabbed in an altercation.

This system consist of 50 techniques, which were perfected to protect the user from any type of attack. Kajukenbo also allows the user to protect himself or herself from any style fighter.

There are 14 short and 6 long kata's included in this system. When the system became more popular other contributions to this system were tai chi movements (tai tum) as well as escrima, sword and knives.