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Grandmaster Kevin Bliss has been offering training in the three-dimensional method of martial arts for over 30 years. Grandmaster Kevin Bliss developed this method to allow you to remain in the traditional aspects of training by modifying 3 forms of discipline. This allows the practitioner to be able to conform to training methods of their life style.

No matter what type of exercise you attempt, you have to realize that you will have to exert some type of body movement and you will sweat. It does not matter what your body looks like, how overweight you feel, or have become. The benefits of three-dimensional training outweigh all reservations.

We still apply the traditional methods of the martial arts but we also realize that what happened 2000 years or even ten years ago may notbe the best method of structure for today's world.

There needs to be compromise and change for any system to evolve. We have learned from watching TV that without change we stay in this paradox of a life style and become complacent. when martial arts was taught 3000 years ago it was during a time of change and war was everywhere. so the body, mind and spirit was trained to endure and become resilient to a much harsher life style with the life expectancy of 40 or 50 years old.

Today's world that we live in martial arts have evolved for the body mind and spirit to take on a new role. this role still carries the same traditional methods of training with the twist of developing self esteem, confidence, dissolving anxiety and also obesity. There are more people in the world today, these are the tools of survival in today's world.

By using the core frameworks of this structured system we were able to enhance the character of the students here with their request. We believe this is still after 30 years in this martial art the best system that is available to you the public with the confidence of asserting three simple words of confidence.

First--The Physical:
• To develop your external strength through special isometric exercises.
• Improve your endurance through aerobic exercise.
• Develop your balance and your coordination through Kata and Tai Chi sets.
• Enhance your hand speed and sharpen your reflexes through reaction drills
• Develop a supple body for better health and fitness through the Shaolin fist sets as well as the 18 lohan exercises.

Second-The Mental:
• Heighten your focus level for better concentration.
• Improve your confidence and self-esteem.
• Enhance your self-control and character.

Third- The Spiritual
This is achieved by melding the physical and the mental aspects together to achieve the final purpose of enhancing inner peace. Through inner peace we secure emotional balance and peace of mind, thus allowing ourselves to reach inside and deelop the best human being that we can be in today's society.