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10th degree black belt in Chinese Kempo Karate and Go Pai Chil Sung Quan (CKA) Chinese Kempo Association
• 9th degree black belt in Chinese Kempo Karate (CKA) Chinese Kempo Association
• 6th degree black belt in Shaolin Kempo Karate (Fred Villari)
• 5th degree black belt in American Kempo (Nick Cerio
• 5th degree black belt in Kajukenbo (Adriano Emperado)
• Master level Chen (old style) style tai chi (Aig Ping Cheng)
• Senior level Hsing I (12 animal internal arts)
• Sifu chin na (white tiger system) and bok mei (white crane)
• 5th degree black belt Budo/Jiu Jitsu (Kama, Bo Staff, Jo Staff, Kubaton, Yawawa Sticks, Sai, Butterfly Knife, Katana, 3 Sectional Staff), Sifu Chi Kung, Chi Sao Shaolin 5 Animals Method

Master Bliss training was very stimulating and challenging but most of all it was the ability and method of approach showed in the workouts that was the most impressive.

• Kempo (Ed Parker Kempo Pasadena, Ca.)
• Kempo (Fred Villari self defense Leominster, Ma. Fullerton, Ca, United Studios Self defense El Toro Ca.) Masters: Bob Huckins, John Fritz, Charles Mattera, Arthur Singer, and Grandmaster Fred Villari.
• Tang Soo Do (Chuck Norris) Simi Valley, Ca.
• Hapkido (Bong Soo Hon) Santa Monica, Ca
• Kajukenbo (Gary Forbach) San Clemente, Ca.
• Shotokan Karate (Fumio Demura) Santa Ana, Ca.
• Shaolin broad sword (Eric Lee) Los Angeles, Ca.
• Iado (Grandmaster Yamaguchi) Santa Ana, Ca
• Hsing I (James McNeil) Placentia, Ca.
• Chen style Tai Chi (old style/original) James McNeil
• Kickboxing (Benny the Jet Urdiquines training center) Tarzana, Ca.

Master Bliss was involved and participated in many full contact and semi-contact martial arts tournament competitions. Fred Villari tournaments , Ed Parker internationals Long Beach, Ca., Boston nationals, Las Vegas internationals, The Kickboxing classes offered at this center have his trademark routines as part of the rigorous and challenging exercise workout.